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SCOR (Schools & Community Organized to Read)

Background of SCOR

SCOR (Schools & Community Organized to Read) is a locally-developed reading buddy program for the eight GEF-supported elementary schools.  SCOR serves primarily second graders who would benefit from additional assistance to improve their reading skills.  

Since the beginning (2001-2002 school year), this GEF program has continued to grow, serving approximately 100 students each year.  Program results include SCOR students improving on their reading level testing, SCOR volunteers excited about the chance to make a difference, and a strong school-community collaboration that enhances communication on shared educational issues. 
Since 2001-02 school year, the Garner Educational Foundation has led the Garner community in supporting the Wake County Public School System’s reading goals through the locally-developed Schools & Community Organized to Read (SCOR) program.  The purpose of SCOR is two-fold:

  1. To establish a process that enables school staff and community volunteers to enhance skills and strategies for working with at-risk readers.

  2. To create a sustainable volunteer program focusing on students improving reading skills.

SCOR volunteers represent a variety of groups including community businesses, government entities, civic and faith groups, retirees, and grandparents.  A GEF representative is available to speak to a community group about becoming a SCOR supporter.  Individuals may contact the school of choice for information on the SCOR program at that school.  (Schools served:  Aversboro ES, Creech Road ES, East Garner ES, Rand Road ES, Smith ES, Timber Drive ES, Vandora Springs ES, Vance ES.) 

How to become a SCOR volunteerLocate the list of schools offering SCOR and communicate with the school contact (ask for the SCOR Coordinator or the Media Specialist) for the school of choice to learn what SCOR opportunities are available that matches your schedule.   

Arrange a time to come to the school to determine your SCOR schedule and to complete the WCPSS background check required of all SCOR volunteers.

Or you can send an email to garneredfoundation@gmail.com expressing your interest in being a SCOR volunteer and providing your contact information for a return email or phone call.

Expectations of SCOR Volunteers
Whether a SCOR volunteer is a member of a business, government or a civic or faith group participating in SCOR or an independent individual wishing to become a reading buddy for a second grader in one of the Garner elementary schools, all SCOR Volunteers are expected to:

  1. Complete the school system background check enrollment.

  2. Attend a school or GEF training for new volunteers.

  3. Obtain & review school information packet on schedule, process, locations, and contacts.

  4. Follow school rules for check-in and check-out when on school property.

  5. Meet with assigned student for 30 minutes each week to read together, alerting the appropriate school contact of any issues.

  6. Communicate with school contact and student regarding upcoming absences from weekly session.

  7. Attend school and GEF celebratory SCOR functions.

 What is it like to be a SCOR volunteer?