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Garner Educational Foundation Awards
Scholarships, Honors Area Educators

On Monday, May 6. The Garner Educational Foundation (GEF) Awarded 12 Garner area high school seniors college scholarships during the annual Marjorie B. Barefoot Awards Ceremony. Additionally, GEF recognized Garner area Teachers of the Year, Teacher Assistants of the Year, National Board Certification recipients and retiring educators. The ceremony and reception following was held at GPAC—the Garner Performing Arts Center. Kristine Stead our Board Chair welcomed the group and Monika Johnson Hostler WCPSS Board of Education Representative gave closing comments and congratulated the students and teachers who were recognized.

Scholarship recipients (pictured left) were:  
The Caroline Ball Family Foundation: McKenzie Perry
The Marjorie Barefoot Family: Lauren Marting
The Bonnie M. Calhoun Family: Zach Brittian
Garner Town Council:  Adalena Band
Garner Mayor: Ally Mitchell
Hamlin Companies:  Carrington Leigh Clack
Jordan Driving School:  Ashton Norris
R W Moore:  Abby Cope
National Pawn: Kristina Cardenas
                                Jacobi Asor-Sallah        
Red Star Oil Company: Conner Kocher
The Mones Saad Family: Margaret Davis

All recipients were noted as being outstanding in scholarship, leadership and extracurricular

activities, as well as being focused on their higher education goals.

Teachers of the Year, selected by their school peers, were: 
Aversboro Elementary: Cindy Martin
    Bryan Road Elementary: Megan Schwartz
    Creech Road Elementary: Anna Elliot
    East Garner Elementary: Debra Darlington
    Rand Road Elementary: Larissa Bryant
    Smith Magnet Elementary: Anna Dodd
    Timber Drive Elementary: Quinn McLaney
    Vance Elementary: Rachel Freund
    Vandora Springs Elementary:  Genevieve Meyer
    East Garner Middle: Toiya Dunbar
    North Garner Middle: Tami Walker
    Garner Magnet High: Cheryl Washington
    South Garner High: Shanel Goodson

Teacher Assistants of the Year, also selected by their peers, were:    

Bryan Road Elementary: Melanie Gardner
    Rand Road Elementary:  Gwendolyn Davis, Carrie Kuvik
    Smith Magnet Elementary: Lenisha Ledbetter
    Timber Drive Elementary: Kathy Stewart
    Vance Elementary: Birgit Plemons
    Vandora Springs Elementary: Louanne Miller
    East Garner Middle: Suzanne Williams
    North Garner Middle: Rene Dewberry

Those teachers recognized for achieving National Board Certification were: 
Creech Road Elementary: Holli Tyner
Timber Drive Elementary:  Angie Ellis
North Garner Middle School:  Katie Garland
Garner Magnet High: Shannon Poole

 Those teachers recognized for achieving renewal of National Board Certification were: 
Bryan Road Elementary: Anita McAuley
Timber Drive Elementary:  Heather Walters
East Garner Middle School:  Jennifer Kelsey
North Garner Middle School:  Millie Hodges-Lester, Tami Walker
Garner Magnet High: Karen Hinz, Melissa Olin, Rachel Pate

Retirees were recognized for their years of service as they retire. From

    Creech Road Elementary: Anne Lancaster
    East Garner Elementary: Mary Hiltner
    Rand Road Elementary: Colleen Glerum, Rebecca Kenyon,
                                    Rosa Penny, Ronald Roberson, Judy Sherron
    Smith Magnet Elementary: Sidney Dunlap, Kevin Martin
    Vance Elementary: Janet Peterson
    Vandora Springs Elementary: Kimberly Kincaid,
            Deborah Carter
    East Garner Middle: Zoretta Hayes
    North Garner Middle: Deb Roberts, India Walton
    Garner Magnet High: Carol Burkey, Wilma Hawley, 
Bill Himes, Cindy Ingle, Carol Young

Retirees were presented with a small gift and all honorees were presented with Certificates of Appreciation recognizing their achievement. The Garner Educational Foundation is a local non-profit organization dedicated to the recognition and advancement of students and educators in Garner

area schools. For more information, visit their website at www.garneredfoundation.org

or contact garneredfoundation@gmail.com